My Cisco Live 2012 Schedule (now with commentary!)

Cisco Live 2012 ScheduleUpdate 20120531:

Here is my (no longer tentative) Cisco Live 2012 schedule. I’ll try to keep it updated if it changes. Let me know if you’re in these, too. I’ve added (sometimes snarky) comments as to why I’ve chosen each session. Shuffled some stuff around and replaced sessions based on schedule, work priorities, and information from conference PDFs.






Cisco Exam
It’s free, why wouldn’t you take one?
TECUCC-2500 Enterprise Call Routing and Dial Plan for Unified Communications
We deployed a UC system earlier this year, and I’ve been told I should try to understand it…



BRKDCT-2048 Deploying Virtual Port Channel in NXOS
You might not think vPC is worth a whole session, but after looking at the
slide deck from 2011, it clearly is.
BRKEWN-2017 Understanding RF Fundamentals and the Radio Design of Wireless Networks
Based on last year’s slides, it looks useful for someone who doesn’t do
wireless every day. 
GENSK-4356 Solutions Keynote: The Future of the Enterprise Network in the Post-PC Era
Post-PC/BYOD: It’s all the rage with the kids these days.
BRKARC-3466 Exploring the engineering behind the making of a switch
This looks like a new session and the description promises an interesting
look into the development process.



BRKDCT-2218 Data Center Design for the Small and Medium Business
Hope to get some clues on doing this better!
GENKEY-4346 Keynote and Welcome Address
Quality time with Uncle John.
CUG-1004 Cisco Jabber Clients and Conferencing Product Direction
Don’t want to deploy CUPC, but Jabber for Windows is a little wonky. Hopefully
this will help me figure out where we are going here, and when. 
Time to Talk to WoS Vendors
If you want any chance of finding anything useful at the Expo (I guarantee
something you need is there, you just have to find it), you have to schedule
some time for it. You won’t get any useful time with a vendor at a reception.
BRKNMS-3021 Advanced Cisco IOS Device Instrumentation
Joe Clarke on making IOS devices do cool stuff you didn’t know they could do.



BRKEWN-3014 Best practices to deploy high-availability in Wireless LAN Architectures
Wireless is one of my focusses this year and this looks useful.
GENKEY-4347 Cisco Technology Keynote
Quality time with @Padmasree.
BRKSEC-2003 IPv6 Security Threats and Mitigations
No one is there, so it’s safe on v6, right? Not so much.
More Time for WoS Vendors
Realistically, 2h total time set aside for the WoS isn’t enough. There will
likely be a session that isn’t quite what I was looking for and that one
will provide a bit more time with WoS.
BRKVIR-2017 The Nexus 1000V on Microsoft Hyper-V
We are a Hyper-V shop, so this new shiny is of great interest to me!



BRKCRS-4381 Smart Operations – Power Tools for Catalyst switching network operations
Work smarter, not harder. Nifty looking stuff in here. I need it.
BRKSEC-2022 Demystifying TrustSec, Identity, NAC and ISE
So yeah, how exactly do these bits come together?
BRKEWN-2018 RF Standards Update
Good to have some idea what the future holds.
BRKNMS-1035 The NOC at CiscoLive
Last year this was a pretty interesting talk. I see no reason it shouldn’t be
this year, too.


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  1. What was your take on “Cisco Catalyst 6500 technical deep dive”, worth the time and funds? Thanks in advance.


    • If you are going to be working with the 6500 for the foreseeable future, I would say yes. Lots of details into the architecture of the box and a good bit on the new Sup2T. It’s a long day, but lots of good info.

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