Unofficial #WLPC Twitter Attendee List, PHX2020 Edition

Clearly, I need to start blogging again because my last blog post was this list for last year! That said, it’s a tradition here at Mostly Networks to run the unofficial Twitter attendee list for the US edition of the WLPC conference. WLPC registration is open until Jan 15th, 2020, but you should register earlier before the conference fills. We will be at a fantastic new location this year and it’s promising to be the biggest WLPC, yet!

Anyway, I hope you find the list useful. It won’t be updated in real-time, but it will be updated as long as people keep adding themselves.

To be added, fill our the form at the bottom of the page. You can add a note to share anything of interest, like your CWNE status, podcast, that you work for a vendor, or that you really love Baby Yoda. The airport code is to help people find you if they end up in your neck of the woods. Obviously, the note and airport code are optional.

Note: This is for attendees. Sorry, if you aren’t attending I will not add you to the list.

[Last Update: 2020-02-21 16:41:42Z]

Attendees on this list: 72

Name Twitter IATA Blog Notes
Keith Parsons @KeithRParsons SLC Runs the WLPC Conferences
Scott McDermott @scottm32768 SEA Alpacas and Wi-Fi!
Matt Montgomery @tcpipdhcp SLC First WLPC. Newbie, but very curious about WiFi
Samuel Clements @samuel_clements BNA Just a Sam doing Sam things…
Jim Palmer @WirelessJimP DEN No longer at a secret airport
Josh Schmelzle @joshschmelzle PIT First timer
Ken Meagher @kmmeagher DTW WiFi @ Stryker. First timer! Excited to meet a bunch of new people and learn.
Jake Snyder @jsnyder81 BOI Doing potato things in a potato place
Mitch Dickey @Badger_fi CHO More than just SCA and a pretty face
John Deegan @WiFi_john Ewr Not Sam Clements…
Robert Haviland @havilandweb BNA Married to a CWNE. Talking about nerdy conversations!
Andrew von Nagy @revolutionwifi OMA Frequency hopped over to 3.5 GHz
Stephen Cooper @Stephen__Cooper BNE Gotta keep ‘em caffeinated!
Jeff Nyman @Whyf16uy
Om Prakash Ravipati @OmRavipati
Manon “Mae” Lessard @Mae149 YQB That Canuck girl
Lariana Peixoto @LarianaLuy NVT Dr. Pepper, please! :D
Jeff Gardner @wifigolfer MCO CWNE #344
Tauni Odia @Tauniodia SAT
Luke Jenkins @WifiLuke SLC
Dan Jones @Ukdanjones
Stephen Montgomery @Steviewireless MEM I am gonna finish my CWNE if it kills me. Darn it!
Jerry Martin @dwifiguy IAD
Ian Beyer [@ CaNerdIan]( CaNerdIan) MHK Not actually in Canada.
Amy Arnold @Amyengineer DFW
Kimberly Graves @KimberlyAGraves IAD Ask me about CWNE
Nathan York @Dot11Nate CVG
Mike Wade @wirelesskahuna OAK You will find me somewhere down the Cr(L)azy river.
Jussi the Janitor @JussiKiviniemi HEL ”Papas got a brand new bag”
Raymond Hendrix @raymondhendrix ATL
Michael Usher @miku17t SJC First timer. Working at &UCSC these days.
Keith Miller @packetologist RDU Https:// Join the WLPC run club! Ask me or Nate York for more details
Martin Ericson @Vofi_martin GOT CWT Trainer, Learning Partner |
Jamie Jackson @techiejames BZN Excited for minigolf at the new hotel!
Anders Nilsson @herrnilsson2 UME Have Moose will travel.
Phil Morgan @ccie5224 SFO From llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
Matthew Mills @_upfade SEA First timer
Nick Looper @CablingOptional ELM
Joel Crane @Potato_Fi BOI Creator of The Worst Packet Analyzer, Ever™.
Jonathan Finney @Wifispy BNA The wifi digital nomad
Steve McKim @alfmckim
Jon Warren @jonmwarrenllc DFW
Richard (Rick) Steiner @Rick_WiFi_guy
MHwifi @MHwifi HLN
Michael Hebert @MHwifi HLN
Dan Ryan @danryan06 MHT
Stew Goumans @WirelessStew YVR Ekahau
Chris Reed @TheCMReed MHT Artisinal Wi-Fi breaker
Bryce Royal @bryceroyal PWM [This space left unintentionally blank.]
Ian Tearle @Tearley LHR First time WLPC Virgin bring on the learning!!!
Nick Looper @CablingOptional ELM
Glenn Cate @grcate TPA Designing “World-Class Wireless” for large US power utility. CWNE #181
Jason Rinaldi @jasonmrinaldi1 SAT Smitty’s chaperone
Bruno Mejia @brunomejiajr SAT Looking forward to being there this year!
David Coleman @MisterMultipath ATL I am still in the Cloud… I just happen to be Purple now! – CWNE #004
Randy Doi @WiFi_Randy CMH First WLPC!
Dawn Douglass @Dawnpeppertech RDU That punctuation is wrong.
Smitty @elonsmitty BWI Here for the free food
Joshua Williams @802dotMe OKC Upgraded with more orange.
Anders Baardsgaard @hex_43946_ TOS do cli, don’t do windows
Djamel Ramoul @DRamoul YUL The cellular guy from iBwave talking about CBRS
Troy Martin @troymart YYC Bringing the magic of Wi-Fi to the people…
Ryan Nangle @ryan_nangle ATL First time here!
Mark Edwards @311_WiFi XNA
Willy pitcher @wampum LWS
Joe Elliott @JoeRElliott MKE
Abdul H. Malik @ahaseebmalik EWR 2nd time attending
Michael Frost @fr0styfr0st IND Here for the warm weather and good company everyone at WLPC
Landon Foster @AceHighWifi DAL/DFW “That guy from Twitter” Now with Kilt action
Terri Haviland @terrihav BNA Excited to hang out with friends and meeting new attendees!
Brandon Callahan @callahan0808
Sergio Evans @techwhale ATL

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