What do those Cisco support part numbers mean?

If you order Cisco support, you are probably familiar with part number prefixes like “SNT” and “SNTP”. I noticed my notes were outdated as to what these prefixes mean when I started seeing part numbers like “C4P” replacing the prefixes I used to expect. I finally got around to updating my personal cheat sheet and thought I’d share it, as this seems to be difficult to find on Cisco’s site:


SNT SMARTnet Support 8x5xNBD
SNTE SMARTnet Support 8x5x4
SNTP SMARTnet Support 24x7x4
S2P SMARTnet Support 24x7x2
CS Onsite SMARTnet Support 8x5xNBD
C4S Onsite SMARTnet Support 8x5x4
C4P Onsite SMARTnet Support 24x7x4
C2P Onsite SMARTnet Support 24x7x2
SAU Software app support + upgrade
SAS Software app support
SUSW IPS Signatures and Software
SU1 IPS Service 8x5xNBD
SU2 IPS Service 8x5x4
SU3 IPS Service 24x7x4
SU4 IPS Service 24x7x2
SUO1 IPS Onsite 8x5xNBD
SUO2 IPS Onsite 8x5x4
SUO3 IPS Onsite 24x7x4
SUO4 IPS Onsite 24x7x2