#WLPC_US and Free Wi-Fi Training Resources

Registration for #WLCP_US is now open! If you work in Wi-Fi you should really check it out. It’s a great place to learn and network with other WLAN Pros. New this year are Deep Dive Sessions, which are described as:

These will be two 90-minute sessions – the first to do whatever prepatory work and laying foundational information and then the next day followed up with more hands-on work for getting deep into the subject.  Each of these has a ‘kit’ of gear that is included for each attendee.

Sounds pretty slick and it should be both fun and educational. There are a number of sessions including Advanced WLAN Site Survey, to 3D printing, Python, and SDR. My friend Jerry Olla and myself will be teaching a session on Real World Mobile WLAN Testing, where we will use a single board computer and mobile devices to analyze a network using a variety of tests.

On a related note, I have a post up at the Airheads Community where I point out some of the Free Wi-Fi Training Resources that are available, which includes all the videos recorded from WLPC. If you can’t get to WLPC, want a taste of what the sessions are like, or just want to find a few free ways to learn, please check it out!


Unofficial #WLPC Twitter Attendee List, PHX2017 Edition

It’s become a tradition here at Mostly Networks to run the unofficial Twitter attendee list for the US edition of the WLPC conference. I hope you find the list useful! It’s not updated real-time, but it will be updated at least daily as long as people keep adding themselves. A new addition this year is the airport code. This way you can see if anyone worth sharing a meal with is in the town you’ll be in for your next gig. :)

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to be added (easiest for me), but you can also send a tweet to me at @scottm32768. You can add a note to share anything of interest to the attendees, like your CWNE status, podcast, that you work for a vendor, or that you really like tacos. The airport code is to help people find you if they end up in your neck of the woods. Obviously, the note and airport code are optional.

Note: This is for attendees. Sorry, if you aren’t attending I will not add you to the list.

[Last Update: 2017-02-2106:54:42Z]

Name Twitter IATA Blog Notes
Keith Parsons @KeithRParsons SLC wlanpros.com Runs the WLPC Conferences!
Scott McDermott @scottm32768 SEA mostlynetworks.com Creator of this list and all around swell guy.
Alan @Papageordy
Brian Smith @elonsmitty BWI Human Pin Cushion
Adrian Granados @adriangranados MLB www.adriangranados.com Maker of WiFi Explorer
Luke Jenkins @wifiluke SLC wifiluke.com
Matthew Norwood @matthewnorwood BNA www.insearchoftech.com
Patrick Swackhammer @swackhap STL swacknet.net
Troy Martin @troymart YYC Forced by circumstance to be a WiFi Cowboy
Robert Boardman @Robb_404 SJC robb404.com Creator of HubHolster and all around nerd
Brennan Martin @CdnBeacon YXE blog.mroute.ca Part of the Canuck invasion
Anders Nilsson @herrnilsson2 UME Bringing Hälge the Swedish WiFi Moose
Blake K @blakekrone MSP blakekrone.com That guy that wears a tie
Stewart Goumans @WirelessStew YVR www.WirelessStew.com
Darrell DeRosia @Darrell_DeRosia MEM I did Wi-Fi before it was cool
Jacob Snyder @jsnyder81 BOI Transmitfailure.blogspot.com
Aaron Scott @wifidownunder SYD wifidownunder.com
Steve McKim @alfmckim YWG www.greatwhitewifi.com/blog How’s it goin, eh?
Ryan M. Adzima @radzima LAS Techvangelist.net The beard that doesn’t need a tie to impress.
Patrick Nefkens @Dutch_Fi AMS
Richard Steiner @Rick_WiFi_guy
Mitch Dickey @badger_fi CHO badger-fi.com
Joshua Williams @802dotMe OKC eight02.me I’m as old as Chili’s, but only half as salty.
Nigel Bowden @Wifinigel Wifinigel.com Typical Brit
Ronald van Kleunen @@globeron BKK www.globeron.com CWSP Bootcamp. Wi-Fi profs are on Twitter
Scott Staapleton @scottpstapleton phasedcoexistence.blogspot.com ᚡ <– AP in the corner or a spiders web?
François Vergès @@VergesFrancois YXU semfionetworks.com/blog
Zaib Kaleem @wlanbook IAD wlanbook.com
Ian Beyer @Ianbeyer MCI Blog.ianbeyer.com
Glenn Cate @grcate TPA gcatewifi.wordpress.com CWNE #181
Beef @wirednot SYR wirednot.wordpress.com I’m sorry, Senator- I don’t recall.
Shaun Bender @Welles MCI onwhereyoustop.com Tacos
Chris Reed @TheCMReed MHT TheCMReed.com Too fly for the Wi-Fi
Mark Edwards @marke3117 XNA Wifi for the win
Nick Martinez @networkengin33r DFW networkengin33r.wordpress.com
Matt Frederick @mattbfrederick OKC finesine.com
Brian Long @blong1 SNA blong1wifiblog.blogspot.com/
Stephen Montgomery @Steviewireless MEM
Mike Leibovitz @MikeLeibovitz YYZ
Timo @dot11_de SFO www.wifi-blog.com
John Deegan @Sn1ph3r EWR
Rich Hummel @accelhummel SAT
Jason Rinaldi @jasonmrinaldi1 SAT
Rick Dagon @rickywireless SAN rickywireless.com Currently Aruba So Cal SE (Previously Cisco LAN/WLAN SE for Presidio)
Charlie Clemmer @charlieclemmer DAL www.charlieclemmer.com
Joel Crane @Potato_Fi BOI potatofi.blogspot.com Mostly attending for the In-N-Out run.
Scott Lester @theitrebel MSY Stuck in a Stadium catwalk with AP
Chad Teal @chadteal ATL
Scott Lester @theitrebel MSY Stuck in a Stadium catwalk with AP
Joshua Gochee @Jgochee BNA
Justin Cetko @Justinskyline SMF
Curtis Larsen @curtisklarsen SLC Work at UofU
Veli-Pekka Ketonen @VPonwireless CLE @7signal, the Wi-Fi performance company
Nathan Shirey @Know_Tech MHT
Dan Ryan @danryan06 MHT
Dennis Burrell @TGIWiFiGuy AUS
Martin Ericson @vofi_martin GOT
Miss Mae @Mae149 YQB Missmaeswifi.com That French Canadian chick, eh!
Bryce Floyd @bfloyd08 MSP it’s all ball bearings…..
Doug Mason @wifidoug SFO Wouldn’t miss it!
Robert Eubanks @eubanksrob IAH
Jonathan Finney @wifispy BNA
David Wilson @Daviddbwilson SFO Co-founder & CEO, Cape Networks
Jonathan Davis (JD) @subnetwork GSO subnetwork.me Y’all got any more of that…WiFi?
Jim comment @jimwifi1 DTW
Todd Hall @tmhall2 GTR
craig schnarrs @the_wifi_guy DTW
Jason D. Hintersteiner @EmperorWiFi JFK www.emperorwifi.com SMB Wi-Fi Expert
Brad Weldon @bradweldon PDX tacos are the best
Tom Carpenter @carpentertom CMH cwnp.com Warm weather, here I come!
Tim Rousset @TimRousset WAS
Vladan Jevremovic @v_jevremovic IAH www.ibwave.com
Dilip Advani @advani_dilip SFO CWNE#43; @ Netscout
Eric Garnel @wifistrong ABIA Does the hotel have a gym?
Chris Kelly @WiFiFrood ATL I need an ippy for my appy
Nigel Kemp @NigelKemp1 LHR Still learning
Aren @SrScalability MRY wifirabbithole.wordpress.com We’ll see.
Chris Harkins @capiowifi ATL wififorthedatabaseguy.wordpress.com/ Aerohive Knowldege Services
Mike Jordan @OFDMJ RNO
Brian Blume @AMABrian803 MKE
Tim Smith @timjsmith24 XNA
Kristin Kråkmo @KristinKraakmo
Frank Wikstrøm @frankwik
Ignacio Sánchez @NeseNueve MVD
Rick Murphy @RickMurphyWiTS Den Affiliations: IEEE SA, WiTS, WLAN-AB, WLAN Stress Testers, BICSI Wireless Standards Board
Peter Mackenzie @mackenziewifi pnmackenzie.tumblr.com
Jason Hill @wifirockstar DTW
Alex Burger @aaburger85 DIA
Michael Champanis @capenetworks CPT ‘); DROP TABLE attendees;–


Unofficial #WLPC Twitter Attendee List, PHX2016 Edition

Last year I ran an Unofficial WLPC Twitter Attendee List after Jennifer Huber (@JenniferLucille) wondered if there was a list of Twitter peeps who were attending. Obviously, I’ve decided to do it again this year. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to be added (easiest for me), but you can also send a tweet to me at @scottm32768. This year I’ve upgraded the list by allowing notes so you can share anything of interest to the attendees. You can share your CWNE status, your podcast, that you work for a vendor, or that you really like pie.

Note: This is for attendees. Sorry, if you aren’t attending I will not add you to the list.

Name Twitter Blog Notes
Keith Parsons @KeithRParsons wlanpros.com Runs the WLPC Conferences!
Scott McDermott @scottm32768 mostlynetworks.com Creator of this list
Scott Stapleton @scottpstapleton phasedcoexistence.blogspot.nl Wi-Fi Smartass
Shaun Bender @Welles Tacos.
Matthew Norwood @matthewnorwood www.insearchoftech.com I come for all the wired sessions.
Luke Jenkins @WiFiLuke www.wifiluke.com
Nate York @dot11Nate dot11nate.blogspot.com
Adrian Granados @adriangranados www.adriangranados.com Maker of WiFi Explorer
Tom Carpenter @carpentertom tomcarpenter.net CWNP.com
Aaron Scott @wifidownunder The one with the best Aussie accent
Brian Smith @elonsmitty Here for the Free Food
Darrell DeRosia @Darrell_DeRosia 2.4 is official dead. Cisco and Apple said so…
Samuel Clements @samuel_clements www.sc-wifi.com The one, the only.
Blake Krone @blakekrone BlakeKrone.com Mr Big Deal Himself
Ryan Adzima @radzima whiskeyandwireless.com Blame Canada
Steve McKim @alfmckim www.greatwhitewifi.com/blog Polite Canadian
Kimberly Graves @KimberlyAGraves Aruba Networks
Jonathan Davis @subnetwork subnetwork.me Equal Opportunity Offender
Jim Comment @JimWifi1 First time at WLPC
David Coleman @@mistermultipath whiffie
Jake Snyder @Jsnyder81 transmitfailure.blogspot.com Peter Griffin impersonator
Trent Cutler @Firemywires
Joshua Williams @802dotMe eight02.me First timer. These are my people.
Mike Leibovitz @MikeLeibovitz Canadian who accepts no blame
Troy Martin @troymart riding the Wi-Fi fad
Nathan Wilder @Wildernets
Brian Long @blong1 blong1wifiblog.blogspot.com/ Let’s do this …
Ronald van Kleunen @Globeron www.youtube.com/wwwgloberoncom Globeron – Wireless Certification Training
Colleen Szymanik @wifi_unicorn Nothing witty to say
Eddie Forero @HeyEddie BadFi.com RRM is dead… along with 2.4GHz and Elvis. (Ok, Elvis is NOT dead…)
Joel Crane @FuelCellWiFi My Twitter handle means nothing.
Glenn Cate @grcate gcatewifi.wordpress.com
Manon Lessard @Mae149 Not always polite Canadian.
Andrew Fly4WiFiGuy vonNagy @revolutionwifi http://www.revolutionwifi.com
Jerry Olla @jolla Meow
Jonathan Finney @wifispy I like turtles
Anders Nilsson @HerrNilsson2 Part of Team Sweden and yes I’m bringing the Moose
Stephen Montgomery @steviewireless hanging with Jack and some smart people
Juan Carlos Luna @jclkanter Mad about wireless
Eddie Klaczko @EddieKlaczko I like warm weather.
Brad Weldon @bradweldon coffee, tacos, chocolate, repeat…
Trent Hurt @Wifiguy502
Martin Ericson @maer1952 Yihaa in cowboy land
Austin Godbey @austingodbey wireless == magic
Chris Young @netmanchris www.kontrolissues.net On behalf of Canada “I’m sorry”.
Robert Eubanks @eubanksrob
John Turner @wifijt “where do I plug this in?”
Ben Montour @BenMontour First time WLPC attendee.
Dan Ryan @Danryan06
John Cosgrove @rtr_man
James Garringer @jamesgarringer Apple
Daniel Dillon @Trilithic
Shaun Neal @sv_neal blog.svneal.com
Simon “Cucumber Tony” Morley @@cucumbertony
Kenneth Fernandes @wifiblogdotcom WiFiBlog.com
Andrew Campbell @wifiandrew www.syranova.com/
Mark Edwards @marke3117 Yes
Jay Botelho @jaybotelho Savvius (OmniPeek)
Van Le @Vansterzzz 1st WLPC
Timothy Otto @mage2 Wireless Noob , security guy
Joeri De Winter @joeri_Skyline


The Unofficial #WLPC Twitter Attendee List

Jennifer Lucille (@JenniferLucille) wondered if there was a list of Twitter peeps who were attending the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference in Dallas next week. There wasn’t, so I made one. Send me a tweet (@scottm32768) if you want to be added. I’ve also added links to blogs.


Name Twitter Handle Blog
Ryan Adzima @radzima techvangelist.net
Devin Akin @DevinAkin divdyn.net/blog
Mike Albano @mike_albano mikealbano.com
Lee Badman @wirednot wirednot.wordpress.com
Taylor Bell @taylorbell
Shaun Bender @welles
Alan Blake @papageordy
Nigel Bowden @WifiNigel wifinigel.blogspot.com
Geert Braakhekke @Easi123
Carter J. Burke @cjburke90
Andrew Campbell @WiFiAndrew www.ekahau.com/wifidesign/blog
Germán Capdehourat @GerCapde
Justin Cetko @Justinskyline
Hemant Chaskar @CHemantC
Sam Clements @samuel_clements sc-wifi.com
Charlie Clemmer @CharlieClemmer www.charlieclemmer.com
Trent Cutler @firemywires
Darrel DeRosia @Darrell_DeRosia
Joeri De Winter @joeri_skyline
Brian J. Dixon @brianjdixon
Peter Paul Engelen @PPJM_Engelen
Robert Eubanks @EubanksRob
Kristijan Fabina @kfabina
Eddie Forero @HeyEddie www.wifirepublic.org/blog and bad-fi.com
Ville Franck @VilleFranck
Kevin Franzen @WiFivomFranMan
Ben Freedman (PrimeImage Media) @primeimagevideo Recorded the session videos and did the pictures. primeimagemedia.com
James Garringer @jamesgarringer
Adrian Granados @adriangranados www.adriangranados.com/blog
Jared Griffith @Cinergywifi
Chad Hendrix @chadhendrix22
Joe Hillis (ITDRC) @ITDRC
Sean Hogston @shogston
Paul Holmgren @Paul_Holmgren
Rich Horsley @realrichhorsley
Keith Howe @krhowe
Jennifer Huber @JenniferLucille jenniferlucille.com
Will Jones @wjcomms www.wjcomms.co.uk
Zaib Kaleem @WLANBook wlanbook.com
Veli-Pekka Ketonen @VPonwireless
Jussi Kiviniemi @jussikiviniemi www.ekahau.com/wifidesign/blog
Alan Klein @YFiAlan
Blake Krone @blakekrone blakekrone.com/blog
Mike Leibovitz @MikeLeibovitz ontheflywifi.net
Chris Lyttle @wifikiwi www.wifikiwi.com
Brian Long @blong1
Robert Maltaric @rmaltaric
Scott McDermott @scottm32768 www.mostlynetworks.com
Richard McIntosh @ciscotophat ciscotophat.wordpress.com
Dan Miller @danmiller
Bhupinder Misra @b_misra
Stephen Montgomery @StevieWireless
Shaun Neal @sv_neal blog.svneal.com
Kyle Nielsen @nielsenk12
Herr Nilsson @HerrNilsson2
Jerry Olla @jolla
Keith R. Parsons @KeithRParsons WirelessLANProfessionals.com
Chris Petroff @chris_petroff
Travis Phipps @tlphipps
Anthony Poli @polia1911
Craig Rash @CraigRash
Tim Ritterbush @TRitterbush
Tim Rousset @TimRousset
Dan Ryan @danryan06
Aaron Scott @wifidownunder
Jake Snyder @jsnyder81 transmitfailure.blogspot.com
Colleen Szymanik @wifi_unicorn
Chad Teal @chadteal
Kris Thurston @KrisThurston
Andrew von Nagy @revolutionwifi revolutionwifi.net
Gregor Vučajnk @GregorVucajnk www.linkedin.com/today/author/14568148
Nathan Wilder @wildernets
Dave Wright @wifidave