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I have a long commute and I like to make good use of this time. I used to listen to a lot of audiobooks ( was great!), but now I listen mostly to podcasts. Here are some podcasts I recommend:

Packet Pushers LogoPacket Pushers

 “The Packet Pushers Podcast is an audio program published multiple times per month covering the data networking industry. Co-hosts Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks are professional network architects and writers with many years of network engineering and design experience in a variety of industries, as well as being Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts.”

This is a highly technical podcast. I listen to the “Fat Pipe” feed, which is all their podcasts. If that’s too much content for you, there’s several feeds that you can use to limit the content. There’s a great back catalog of episodes here. Really good stuff!

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Wireless LAN Weekly LogoWireless LAN Weekly

“A weekly audio podcast designed to educate, inform, entertain, and inspire Wireless LAN Professionals. Those folks dedicated to the craft of designing, installing, configuring, maintaining, securing, troubleshooting and managing Wireless Networks.”

This is another podcast that has a great back catalog. If you are into wireless, you might want to listen to the whole back catalog. You’ll learn a lot! You might also want to check out the videos recorded at the WLAN Pros Summit.

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No Strings Attached Show LogoNo Strings Attached

Another WLAN focussed podcast. They do a combination of news/discussion episodes and sponsored episodes covering new equipment and software from leading vendors.

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Cisco TAC Security Podcast LogoCisco TAC Security Podcast

“The Cisco TAC Security Podcast Series is created by Cisco TAC engineers. Each episode provides an in-depth technical discussion of Cisco product security features, with emphasis on troubleshooting.”

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Cisco Champion LogoCisco Champions Radio

“#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists and I.T. professionals, hosted by Cisco’s Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja).”

This podcast covers a variety of Cisco-centric networking topics.

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Class-C Block LogoThe Class-C Block

“The Class-C Block is a show dedicated to all things networking and nerdy. It is the most awesomest place – it is where you want to be. It is the brain child of Matthew Stone and CJ Infantino. The show discusses a variety of networking topics, and occasionally drifts into other nerdy topics.”

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Other IT Podcasts
These podcasts are not necessarily networking related, but they are IT related.

AdaptingIT Logo AdaptingIT

“The idea for this podcast came about when Mike Laverick, Jane Rimmer, and Lauren Malhoit, were discussing how to encourage more women to get involved in the technical community.  This podcast is not necessarily about women in tech, but rather women talking about tech.”

I often don’t listen to the entire show, but I normally listen to at least the beginning and end. Often the middle talks about areas that I either don’t grok or don’t have much interest in.

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Geek Whisperers Logo Geek Whisperers

“The Geek Whisperers came to be in 2013 based on one too many good conversations we could no longer keep private. Focused on Social Media and Community for Enterprise, our home base is High Tech, but we all look far beyond our field and current communities for inspiration.”

This podcast is more about social media and marketing-ish topics. I find it valuable (it’s full of unicorns and bacon), but it might be a bit too inside baseball for those not active in social media.

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  1. Thank u for helpful links. I prefer too)

    I’d like to add one more link, if somebody knows russian:
    in their podcasts there’re always new guests from different vendors, providers, and from different countries – engineers, developers, PM’s. Focus usually is on PS mobile networking – LTE, IMS and so on…

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