#vBrownBag Cisco Certification Series


The #vBrownBag folks over at ProfessionalVMware.com are currently running a Cisco Certification Track. They started last month and have had a several episodes covering related topics ranging from the Cisco Learning Network to setting up a virtual lab. Last week they had their first session talking about a specific certification, the CCENT.

The next two weeks for the US episodes (June 4 and June 10) will be Edward Henry (@NetworkN3rd) and myself talking about CCNA R&S prep. That will be followed by the infamous Tom Hollingsworth (@networkingnerd) leaving the #SDNicorn long enough to talk CCNA DC prep. Last on the schedule is Lawrence Kohan (@LawrenceKohan) with a three part series covering prep for the CCNP R&S exams.

It looks like a good lineup, so I hope you can join in live to ask questions Wednesdays at 730PM Central for the next couple months!


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