Unofficial #WLPC Twitter Attendee List, PHX2023 Edition

Every year Mostly Networks hosts this unofficial Twitter attendee list for the US edition of the WLPC conference.

The list is not updated in real-time, but it will be updated as long as people keep adding themselves.

To be added, fill our the form at the bottom of the page. You can add a note to share anything of interest, such as CWNE status, your podcast or blog, that you work for a vendor, or anything else you’d like to add. The airport code is to help people find you if they end up in your neck of the woods. Obviously, the note and airport code are optional.

Note: This is for attendees. Sorry, if you aren’t attending please do not ask to be added.

[Last Update: 2023-01-12 16:15:42Z]

Attendees on this list: 9

Name Twitter IATA Blog Notes
Keith Parsons @KeithRParsons SLC Runs the WLPC Conferences
Scott McDermott @scottm32768 GRR I like RF and camelids. 🦙
Chris Reed @TheCMRees MHT If Scott has tater tot’s are they Scotts Tots?
Jerry Martin @dwifiguy IAD
Jamie Jackson @techiejames BZN I also run @80211memes
Adrian Granados @adriangranados MCO Maker of WiFi Explorer and WLAN Pi contributor.
Mark Houtz @marko_with_a_k SLC Plays with CBRS and eduroam
Aaron Scott @wifidownunder SYD Bringing the Aussie accent to WLPC
Troy Martin @troymart YYC Your whisky (WiFi), your palate!