Unofficial #WLPC Twitter Attendee List, Phoenix 2019 Edition

It’s a tradition here at Mostly Networks to run the unofficial Twitter attendee list for the US edition of the WLPC conference. WLPC registration is open until Jan 15th, 2019, but you should register earlier before the conference is full!

I hope you find the list useful. It’s not updated real-time, but it will be updated daily as long as people keep adding themselves.

To be added, fill our the form at the bottom of the page. You can add a note to share anything of interest, like your CWNE status, podcast, that you work for a vendor, or that you really like tacos. The airport code is to help people find you if they end up in your neck of the woods. Obviously, the note and airport code are optional.

Note: This is for attendees. Sorry, if you aren’t attending I will not add you to the list.

[Last Update: 2019-05-03 22:24:42Z]

Attendees on this list: 70

Name Twitter IATA Blog Notes
Keith Parsons @KeithRParsons SLC Runs the WLPC Conferences!
Scott McDermott @scottm32768 SEA CWNE who is owner of this blog and some alpacas.
Manon « Mae » Lessard @Mae149 YQB Bi-do bi-do bi-do
Amy Arnold @amyengineer DFW CWNE, owner of sparkly bats
Sean Sivak @wifisean BOI First time attending WLPC!
Curtis Larsen @curtisklarsen SLC ECSE, CWNA, CWDP, CWSP, CWAP
Samuel Clements @samuel_clements BNA CWNE #101, CCIE 40629 (wireless)
Scott Lester @theITrebel MSY Fight the dark side. Be a rebel!
Eddie Forero @HeyEddie DEN “Es muy guapo.”
Glenn Cate @grcate TPA CQ WLAN NERDS DE N4GRC
Juan Ibañez @Ibanezjuan_ LAX CCNAW, Latino, Study for CWNA
Joel Crane @Potato_Fi BOI Is an actual potato.
Joshua Williams @802dotMe OKC My airport is quietly being replaced by newer roaming methods.
Amit Pindoria @AmitPindoria YVR
Shaun Bender @Welles MCI The Cloud.
Jim Vajda @jimvajda CVG CWNE
Keith Miller @packetologist CAE Looking to learn and network; in the job market
Big Enos McPhincster @Wirednot SYR I think you’ll find I’m mostly all business
David Coleman @mistermultipath ATL Is it Wi-Fi or Wee-Fee?
John Deegan @WiFi_john EWR Wifijojn
Tim OBrien @Tim_OBrien222 ALB ECSE, work for Hospitality MSP
Nathan York @Dot11Nate LEX
Joey Feci @Playinpearls ATL No thanks.
Luke Jenkins @WiFiLuke SLC
Jason N. Beshara @JasonBeshara ATL Anything worth doing…
Aaron Scott @wifidownunder SYD Thunder from down under :)
Chris Reed @TheCMReed MHT Alpaca my bags for PHX
Steve McKim @alfmckim I can’t think of anything witty.
Lance Romigh @wifi_romigh AUS
Chris Avants @RockstarWiFi AUS Teaches the Cisco classes at the WLPC.
Justin Caraway @Justin_RF ATL
Jussi the Janitor @JussiKiviniemi HEL Flying in on Saturday, open for Sunday / Monday activities / dinner =D
Jonathan Finney @wifispy BNA
Jonathan Davis (JD) @subnetwork GSO CWJA #8…you’ve been warned
Mario Gingras @gingmar YUL
Adrian Granados @adriangranados MCO Maker of WiFi Explorer
Anders Nilsson @HerrNilsson2 UME WLPC’s Moose(d) wanted
Jamie Jackson @techiejames BZN
Nick Looper @CablingOptional ELM It’s not the network! (guess it might be…checking…nope, not the network!)
Blake Krone @blakekrone MSP Destroying Benders Cloud
Jeff Haydel @CajunDop GPT CWNE, data nerd, professional disc golfer
Jerry Martin @dwifiguy IAD First-timer
Jake Snyder @jsnyder81 BOI Heavily caffeinated
Darrell DeRosia @Darrell_Derosia Mem CWJA#01
Ryan Awesomesauce McGillicuddy Atreyu Adzima @radzima LAS Fight me.
Tauni Odia @tauniodia SAT
Josh Bugbee @BigBadBugbee MSP I love cold weather…
Trent Hurt @wifiguy502
Jason Rinaldi @Jasonmrinaldi1 SAT Enabling less wires
Jason D. Hintersteiner @EmperorWiFi MSY Teaching PTP/PTMP Deep Dive
Stephen Montgomery @Steviewireless MEM Just happy to be here.
Abhishek Kotnis @wifiabhishek IAD WLPC first timer. Support guy from Ekahau
Richard (Rick) Steiner @Rick_WiFi_guy
Leandro Diaz @JLeanD2 PIH first timer from Potato country…. keeping wifi simple
Rasika Nayanajith @mrncciew MEL My 1st WLPC
Nolan Herring @NoLANWiFi FLL I better not get sick
Isaac Konikoff @konikofi BLI I work at Candela Technologies where we test wifi and drink coffee.
Panos Vouzis @pvouzis SJC
Eric Klaus @coalfiredforge LNK
Michael Lester @Michael_CITWA PER Director of espresso
Jason Machtemes @maxamis MSP
John Turner @wifijt BOS
Smitty @elonsmitty BWI Human Pin Cushion
Lariana Luy Peixoto @@LarianaLuy JOI Can’t wait! <3
Stephen Cooper @Stephen__Cooper BNE Only coming for the coffee ☕️
Jim Palmer @wirelessjimp DEN The first rule of Jim’s Wi-Fi…
Troy Martin @troymart YYC Bringing the magic of Wi-Fi to the people!
Mike Atkins @MikeAtkins SBN
Mike Carrier @mccarrier59 GSO
John Kilpatrick @Meatwad650 SJC