Unofficial #WLPC Twitter Attendee List, PHX2017 Edition

It’s become a tradition here at Mostly Networks to run the unofficial Twitter attendee list for the US edition of the WLPC conference. I hope you find the list useful! It’s not updated real-time, but it will be updated at least daily as long as people keep adding themselves. A new addition this year is the airport code. This way you can see if anyone worth sharing a meal with is in the town you’ll be in for your next gig. :)

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to be added (easiest for me), but you can also send a tweet to me at @scottm32768. You can add a note to share anything of interest to the attendees, like your CWNE status, podcast, that you work for a vendor, or that you really like tacos. The airport code is to help people find you if they end up in your neck of the woods. Obviously, the note and airport code are optional.

Note: This is for attendees. Sorry, if you aren’t attending I will not add you to the list.

[Last Update: 2017-01-10T20:13:42Z]

Name Twitter IATA Blog Notes
Keith Parsons @KeithRParsons SLC Runs the WLPC Conferences!
Scott McDermott @scottm32768 SEA Creator of this list and all around swell guy.
Alan @Papageordy
Brian Smith @elonsmitty BWI Human Pin Cushion
Adrian Granados @adriangranados MLB Maker of WiFi Explorer
Luke Jenkins @wifiluke SLC
Matthew Norwood @matthewnorwood BNA
Patrick Swackhammer @swackhap STL
Troy Martin @troymart YYC Forced by circumstance to be a WiFi Cowboy
Robert Boardman @Robb_404 SJC Creator of HubHolster and all around nerd
Brennan Martin @CdnBeacon YXE Part of the Canuck invasion
Anders Nilsson @herrnilsson2 UME Bringing Hälge the Swedish WiFi Moose
Blake K @blakekrone MSP That guy that wears a tie
Stewart Goumans @WirelessStew YVR
Darrell DeRosia @Darrell_DeRosia MEM I did Wi-Fi before it was cool
Jacob Snyder @jsnyder81 BOI
Aaron Scott @wifidownunder SYD
Steve McKim @alfmckim YWG How’s it goin, eh?
Ryan M. Adzima @radzima LAS The beard that doesn’t need a tie to impress.
Patrick Nefkens @Dutch_Fi AMS
Richard Steiner @Rick_WiFi_guy
Mitch Dickey @badger_fi CHO
Joshua Williams @802dotMe OKC I’m as old as Chili’s, but only half as salty.
Nigel Bowden @Wifinigel Typical Brit
Ronald van Kleunen @@globeron BKK CWSP Bootcamp. Wi-Fi profs are on Twitter
Scott Staapleton @scottpstapleton ᚡ <– AP in the corner or a spiders web?
François Vergès @@VergesFrancois YXU
Zaib Kaleem @wlanbook IAD
Ian Beyer @Ianbeyer MCI
Glenn Cate @grcate TPA CWNE #181
Beef @wirednot SYR I’m sorry, Senator- I don’t recall.
Shaun Bender @Welles MCI Tacos
Chris Reed @TheCMReed MHT Too fly for the Wi-Fi
Mark Edwards @marke3117 XNA Wifi for the win
Nick Martinez @networkengin33r DFW
Matt Frederick @mattbfrederick OKC
Brian Long @blong1 SNA
Stephen Montgomery @Steviewireless MEM
Mike Leibovitz @MikeLeibovitz YYZ
Timo @dot11_de SFO
John Deegan @Sn1ph3r EWR
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